• Improve recovery of delinquent accounts at an earlier stage
  • Reduce the number of accounts referred to contingency based collections
  • Drastically reduce collection costs
  • Reduce internal operating expenses

Are you tired of calling your customers to remind them to make a payment on their outstanding bill? Do you struggle to find the time to make the phone calls? In an effort to help you improve your chance of recovering delinquent accounts at an earlier stage and minimize collection costs, Secured Resolutions offers PreCollection services. This option allows you to leverage our third-party intervention services at a low fixed rate. This reduces the number of accounts requiring the contingency fee based traditional collection approach. It also results in a reduction of internal operating expenses as we assume the collection responsibility earlier in the process, eliminating the need for your team to mail letters or make repeated phone calls.

Our approach to PreCollection is very diplomatic and offers the power of third-party intervention which produces better results than continued internal effort.

Our results demonstrate that when adding Secured Resolutions' PreCollection services to the front-end of traditional collections, we successfully recover an additional 16% of outstanding receivables while reducing the actual cost to collect by 6%.


  • Maximize revenue recovery & Increase cash flow
  • Tailored campaigns for specific recoveries; personalized and relevant to your business
  • Decreased workload for billing staff; therefore decreasing the cost of the accounts receivable life cycle
  • Decrease average age of open receivables

Secured Resolutions has extensive expertise with traditional collections, inclusive of all industries, and we pride ourselves in our reputation of providing excellent customer service. With customer retention being far more cost effective than acquisition, Secured Resolutions addresses the accounts receivable problem while reinforcing the relationship, not destroying it. We believe in treating every person with the utmost respect and dignity. We refuse to use the traditional “hammer” method the industry often deploys. Not only does this mean far less complaints to you, but also that we take your reputation seriously. Our ultimate goal is to retain your customer for you.

Our approach produces better results for our clients as we consistently achieve higher than industry standard recovery rates. Secured Resolutions' Client Portal allows clients to upload new accounts, run and download account status reports, and view account payment history details. Recoveries are remitted to clients monthly.

Debt recovery is subject to the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, as well as other state and local rules and regulations. To ensure compliance, our highly trained professionals are subject to continuous training, ensuring strict adherence to these applicable federal and state laws.

Contact us today to learn how Secured Resolutions' standardized approach and stringent timelines maximize your reimbursement opportunities.

Judgement Recovery

Have you been awarded a judgment by the court but are unable to enforce or collect? Being awarded a judgment is easy, but collecting your money can prove to be a rather daunting task. Approximately 80% of all judgments are never recovered. Even though you’ve been awarded a judgment by the court, enforcement is your responsibility.

At this point your unsatisfied judgment is nothing more than an IOU. Secured Resolutions has the resources and expertise to pursue the debtor and enforce the judgment. Our dedicated Judgment Team has mastered the art of judgment recovery. We specialize in the enforcement of court awarded, monetary judgments.

Court Process

Unfortunately, at times, lack of debtor cooperation and a high open balance may warrant pursuing legal action. Secured Resolutions is very experienced in the court system. We have won hundreds of cases resulting in favorable judgments for our clients. Depending on the state, judgments can remain in statute for up to 20 years. If you have an open receivable totaling more than $2000 and have been unable to collect, let Secured Resolutions review and assess the details of the account to determine if it is a good candidate for legal action.

Contact us to learn more about our Court & Judgment Recovery Process. There are no minimum judgment requirements.

Medical Claim Denial/Appeal Management

  • Increase margins
  • Root cause trending to prevent the same denial repeatedly
  • Decrease the workload of your staff; allowing them to focus on the patients
  • Improve revenue management

Secured Resolutions has extensive expertise in health claim denial/appeal management. According to research in the healthcare sector, nearly 20 to 30% of submitted healthcare insurance claims are rejected or denied. As a result of such rejections and denials, healthcare providers face heavy losses every year negatively affecting the productivity and sustainability of the practice. A thorough and effective denial/appeal management process can eliminate rejection and denial concerns.

Secured Resolutions' Claim Denial/Appeal Management service will track and resolve claim denials and rejections but we don’t stop there; we work to identify and trend the root-cause of the rejections and denials to prevent the same issues from occurring in the future.

Contact us today to learn more about how Secured Resolutions can manage your process allowing you and you staff to focus on your core competency – patient care!

Online Payments

  • Complete private label solutions using your brand
  • Decrease the workload of billing staff
  • Reduce collection costs
  • Improve cash flow and revenue management
  • Sophisticated reporting and data download capabilities

Half of all bills are paid online today making online payment options a must. The number is increasing at an exponential rate with the explosion of smart phones, tablets, and other technology. Each generation is more technologically advanced and prefers to conduct business faster using online solutions. As the Baby Boomer generation settles into retirement, Generation X and Y are becoming the main economic bill paying engine. Generation X and Y demand online solutions and studies show they pay bills quicker if provided with an online option.

Secured Resolutions offers a full online accounts receivable solution. Let us be the .com behind your invoice to expedite your payments and improve your cash flow. With multiple payment options, your customers can login and make payments any time 24/7.

A custom URL on your invoice and a button on your website can link your customer to the online payment portal private labeled with your brand. Our portal solution is PCI compliant and completely secure.

Our process is proven to capture more revenue in a shorter period of time to improve your cash flow.

Payment Plan Management

  • Innovative and proprietary online payment services
  • Automates entire payment plan process
  • Decrease the workload of your staff; reduce collection costs
  • Improve revenue management
  • Sophisticated reporting and data download capabilities
  • Complete private label solutions using your brand

More consumers are finding it difficult to pay their bills. Unfortunately, this means you are having a harder time collecting on your accounts. Accounts receivable days outstanding are on the rise and companies are experiencing slower incoming payments, increased write-offs and more accounts transferred to collections.

To combat this, organizations are finding the need to provide payment alternatives and payment plan options. Previously, organizations were forced to either send past due accounts to collection agencies or establish a payment plan that had to be manually managed. Handling manual payment plans can be incredibly time consuming and cumbersome.

Secured Resolutions has a better solution. We can automate the creation and ongoing management of payment plans for almost any situation - tuition, donations, past due receivables or for customers who are unable to pay the full amount due.

Online payment options and payment plans have been proven to help organizations collect more of their receivables faster. Let Secured Resolutions help you automate your payments with our online portal and manage your payment plans allowing you to maintain great customer relationships.

One-time Debt Recovery Assistance – Negotiations/Settlements

  • Maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty, securing repeat customers
  • Increase likelihood of revenue recovery
  • Reduce write-offs

If your business is lucky enough to only have an exception here and there, Secured Resolutions can help your business recover on those rare delinquent accounts. If you have a larger account (minimum $1000) in delinquency, we can help. We customize a recovery strategy to maximize results and suit your needs. We have the negotiation skills and expertise to set up a customized program to entice your customer to settle. We will develop a strategy with you providing you with the best chance of recovering most if not all of your money. Your customer will experience a private noninvasive process preserving the relationship you have with them.

Accounts Receivable Consulting Services

Are you struggling to collect your receivables timely? Do your receivables continue to age and you lack the resources to chase after your customers?

Your receivables are a major portion of your liquid assets. We have the experience to increase cash flow and maintain customer satisfaction.

Secured Resolutions has helped clients reduce or avoid customer delinquency and write-offs by providing consulting services to companies of various sizes and industries. Our experienced accounts receivable management professionals will show you how to increase cash flow while reducing bad debt loss.

We provide customized consulting services designed to fit your needs. We will work with you to develop a total solution; targeting all functions-credit, collections, cash applications and dispute management. Our consultants will help quantify systemic problems, identify their root cause and eliminate them with process improvements.

We offer a variety of consulting services to help you feel comfortable your billing is where it needs to be.

Consulting Services for Healthcare Providers

In the ever-changing environment of billing and reimbursement, physician groups are looking for assurance they are receiving the maximum revenue for their services.

The healthcare environment faces ongoing pressure to sustain financially and to continue providing quality care. Unfortunately, a growing number of hospitals and physician practices are faced with negative profit margins, increased risk under accountable care models and declines in traditional reimbursement methods as payers move from fee-for-service to value based reimbursement. For many healthcare organizations, achieving and sustaining profitability requires expertise in billing, coding, and accounts receivables management.

Secured Resolutions provides an in-depth analysis of a group’s revenue cycles. Our expertise has identified key metrics used to determine financial performance and areas of improvement that can be implemented to accelerate and increase cash flow almost immediately.

Common areas investigated include:

  • CPT and ICD coding
  • Insurance plan analysis
  • Reimbursement rates
  • Accounts Receivable review
  • Financial review

If your revenue has been declining or you would like some peace of mind that your current processes are optimal, contact us to discuss this invaluable service today.

Agency Forwarding Services

Do you need a trusted partner to work your accounts? Over 50 agencies refer accounts to Secured Resolutions!

We would love to work accounts for you in regions you are not licensed, bonded or comfortable expanding into. We value all referring partners and work hard to produce results for their clients. Our company has considerable talent and experience in all areas of revenue recovery services. We understand you need a partner you can trust. We have a trusted compliant track record we are proud of.

Key Considerations:

  • No minimum balance
  • Monthly reconciliation & payment process
  • Immediate account entry & acknowledgment
  • No Contract required
  • BBB A+ rated
  • Member of ACA International
  • Compliance focused
  • HIPAA trained associates

Submitting referrals is Easy. 3 convenient options:

  • Email:
  • Fax: 844.408.9727
  • Mail to: Secured Resolutions, LLC
         318 S. Clinton Street Suite 400
         Syracuse, NY 13202

We hope you give us a chance to build a strong relationship with you, one that will extend for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our agency forwarding services.